Editor’s Rant: December 2017

It’s been a crazy little year. Cthulu didn’t show up, but maybe a few other monsters slipped into our little world ...
Author Spotlight

On the factory floor with
Joanna Roye

In our First Issue of The Wyrd, we were privileged to get our grubby little tentacles on a haunting story ...

Editor’s Rant: October 2017

In time for Haloween. There is that. After several months of near-misses and scary complications, it’s finally here. Issue 1 ...
Featured Story

American Cloven Hoof Anthem
by Steve Passey

The Devil whispers in Johnny’s ear and can’t no one hear what he says ‘cept Johnny. Johnny gets his gun ...

Editor’s Rant: September 2017

They warned me. When I said that running a literary mag won’t be a big deal, they warned me. You ...

Editor’s Rant: June 2017

Let me say that I’m truly humbled. Since we’ve started this project, submissions have been pouring in and it’s been ...