Editor’s Rant: December 2017

It’s been a crazy little year. Cthulu didn’t show up, but maybe a few other monsters slipped into our little world before Old Tentacle Face could make it through the door. Like the man said, we’ll be lucky if we make it out of this alive.

At least we’ve had some absolutely ripping stories to console our fractured minds. Issue 1 of the Wyrd showed that speculative, weird, and slipstream fiction is alive and kicking. Thanks again to our awesome authors for making things happen–we can’t wait to see what else you come up with in the near future!

We close out the year with a chat. The Wyrd interviewed Joanna Roye, author of Issue 1’s Big Puppy. Check out this author spotlight in the sidebar and be sure to visit her website and follow this incredible talent on social media and the interwebs.

Happy Festivus, weirdos! Let’s pray to the Elder Gods that 2018 will be at least a little less crazy but a whole lot weirder.

Love and slimy kisses.

Marcel Harper


The Wyrd


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