Editor’s Rant: June 2017

Let me say that I’m truly humbled.

Since we’ve started this project, submissions have been pouring in and it’s been a real ride.

Thank you for all the hard work, the nightmares, the weird shit you’ve sent our way. I mean it. Thank you.

Our first submission period is heading for a close at the end of this month, so don’t delay in getting your stories to us! Here are some pointers if you want to grace the innards of our first issue:

  • Write a complete short story. We need something with a beginning, middle and end, folks. That old three-act structure always delivers the goods. Believe it.
  • Make sure that you edit your writing. First drafts suck. Don’t be that writer.
  • Make it genre-busting. Weird stories aren’t weird because they’re incomprehensible. They’re weird because they resist easy categorization.

I’m stoked for Issue 1. It’s going to be good.

See y’all there.


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