Editor’s Rant: October 2017

In time for Haloween. There is that.

After several months of near-misses and scary complications, it’s finally here. Issue 1 of the Wyrd has arrived like something slimy falling from the womb of a Deep One.

I’m humbled by the quality of the submissions we received. I’m just a little intimidated by the quality of the submissions that made it past our reviewers and into the magazine.

In Issue 1, dear reader, you can look forward to stories that stay with you long, long after you’ve finished with them. ‘Cause they won’t be finished with you.

Steve Passey kicks us off with his feature story, “American Cloven Hoof Anthem.” It’s a short but powerful tale of bad decisions and worse consequences.

Joanna Roye’s “Big Puppy” is a haunting tale of work, memory, and living with secrets.

Mark Patrick Lynch shows why you’ve got to be careful when beachcombing in “Driftwood.”

O.S. Delgado takes us deep into folk horror with”The Toucan.” I’m still thinking about this one, Mr Delgado. Nightmare fuel aplenty.

Henry Szabranski contributes a post-apocalyptic story that goes places most don’t (or won’t). Read his “The Dreaming Forest” to find out where that is.

Douglas Ford’s “Dial-a-Dad” is a tightly written little story that reminds me of the classic horror short stories I grew up with. Thank you for that, Doug.

Catherine Edmunds bends our minds with “The Artist Takes Flight.” I’ll say no more. Read it and you’ll see what I mean.

So that’s it, folks. Go find a quiet spot. Pour a glass of something strong. Read Issue 1 of The Wyrd, but be warned: You may feel a bit weird afterwards.




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