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Fred Ward, Cthulhu, and the in-between

Cover from Cast a Deadly Spell starring Fred Ward

The Wyrd magazine exists because of Fred Ward and that damn movie. You know, Cast a Deadly Spell.

I was a grad student and deep into my Bohemian phase when Mr Ward’s Harry Philip Lovecraft¬†(yes, that’s the character’s name) rocked my world. Mystery, crossed with magic, mixed with noir and then re-mixed with Cthulhu mythos.

Sure, it was a bit hokey. Okay, it was a lot hokey. But at the time, it was just about the most fun I’d had watching a flick.

Ward’s movie stuck with me and since then, I’ve developed a real taste for genre-crossing (and breaking) stories. I don’t think there are nearly enough of them out there. Not even close to enough. So when I recently moved into publishing, The Wyrd found me as much as I found it.

Kinda like a troubled client might find a trenchcoat detective who refuses to use magic.



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